Our Programs

Church Women United has been impassioned by the Holy Spirit to serve in many capacities through the years.  While CWU was formally founded in 1941, Cincinnati’s chapter joined after 30 years of providing safe and reliable support for working families in our own city.  During the 1900s, daycare was needed for mothers who worked in factories. Christian communities came together to help young girls who needed shelter and support through the justice system.

Church Women United operates a continuous array of community and social programs for its members and for its communities.  Follow the links below to pages showing the purpose and background of each program, along with a brief description of recent activities.


All of our programs and events are open to the public.  We invite and encourage those of all makes, models and religious beliefs to join us in the programs that lift our lives, our world, our communities and our neighbors!

Our Program Partners:


          >> Bethany House Services

          >> Council of Christian Communions

          >> The Eve Center

          >> Interfaith Hospitality Network

          >> Peaslee Neighborhood Center

          >> The Women’s Connection

          >> Power Inspires Progress