Church Women United
of Greater Cincinnati
Agreed to differ. Resolved to love.  United to serve.

Our Unit

Church Women United, founded in 1941, is a national volunteer Christian ecumenical women’s movement initiated and carried out by women in the United States. It is a movement that brings together women of diverse races, cultures and traditions in closer Christian fellowship, prayer, advocacy and action for peace with justice in the world. CWU engages millions of women representing 26 denominations.

Church Women United of Greater Cincinnati, our local chapter founded in 1971, is an ecumenical, racially- and culturally-inclusive Christian women’s movement, celebrating diversity and working for a world of peace and justice through a variety of local initiatives and programs benefiting all, but targeted for women and children in our local communities.  We work in concert with other local agencies to lift up and provide on-going assistance to many who struggle.  We depend on generous donations from individuals and businesses to provide these programs to those who need them the most.

Our local unit is lead by volunteer officers, chairs, coordinators and representatives, administratively supported by part-time staff, and functionally supported by our Keywomen.  Click here for the rosters of our current Leadership.


1. We intend to grow in our faith and to extend our vision of what it means to be Christian women living and working in society.

2. We intend to strengthen the visibility of the ecumenical community. 

3. We intend to work for a just, peaceful and caring society.

4. We intend to use responsibly and creatively the resources God has entrusted to us – our intelligence, our time, our energy and our money – as we carry out the mission of Christ through Church Women United.
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