Church Women United
of Greater Cincinnati
Agreed to differ. Resolved to love.  United to serve.

Our Leadership

Organization Year from April 2014 to April 2015


Co-President (Daily Operations)  Mary Kercherval Short

Co-President (Programming)   Joyce Kinley

Vice President  Koben Hinman

Recording Secretary Tillie Morris

Corresponding Secretary   Yvonne Jones

Treasurer      [Roger Smith, CPA]


Celebrations Yvonne Jones & Joyce Kinley

Action Mary Grafe, S.C.

Development Koben Hinman


Board Members At-Large

Betty Baker        Carrie Johnson

Ellen Cunningham        Marcella Trice

Laura Hovland    Gwendolyn Wilder


Committee Chairs

Communications/Membership Yvonne Jones

Outreach Ministries Carrie Johnson & Mary Grafe

Fellowship of the Least Coin Betty Baker

Vibrant Woman Dinner Koben Hinman

Denominational Representatives

African Methodist Episcopal   Ann Phillips

American Baptist   Gertrude McSayles

Missionary Baptist Francis Willis

Disciples of Christ   Hilda Meier

Greek Orthodox Betty Jo McKay

Lutheran ELCA   Koben Hinman

Presbyterian USA   Ann Wood

Religious Society of Friends  

Roman Catholic   Joyce Kinley

United Church of Christ   JoAnn Bertram

United Methodist   Anna McGill

Other Denominations: AME Zion, Episcopal



Outreach Minister     Sister Mary Grafe, Sisters of Charity

Administrative Assistant    Joellen Grady

Accountant & Membership   Roger Smith, Non-Profit Executive Services



Keywomen are the lynchpins of the Church Women United organization and operation. They represent their respective churches, congregations and communities within CWU and represent CWU within their respective churches, congregations and communities.  They are key to effective communication and powerful achievement.

Click here to see a list of CWU-Cincinnati’s current Keywomen.

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