Church Women United
of Greater Cincinnati
Agreed to differ. Resolved to love.  United to serve.

Our Celebrations

Church Women United provides five primary celebrations plus our Vibrant Woman Awards each year.  Follow the links below to pages showing the purpose and background of each celebration, along with a brief description of last year’s event and this year’s event.

All of our celebrations and events are open to the public. We invite and encourage those of all makes, models and religious beliefs to join us in the celebrations of our lives, our world, our communities and our neighbors!

    Next Event

>> 9/20/14    100+ Anniversary Celebration

>> 11/7/14    World Community Day / Human Rights Day

>> 3/6/15      World Day of Prayer

>> 4/10/15    Annual Meeting & Bible Study

>> 5/1/15      May Friendship Day

If you would like more information on any of our celebrations, please feel free to contact us:

     by phone at (513) 471-2612

     by email at

     by internet from our Contact Us page.

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